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The shelter, with its thick concrete ceiling, formed a solid foundation for the marble columns in the reception hall. The only novelty was the implement refurbishment by Paul Ludwig Troost. It was rebuilt in the course of the 1936 Summer Olympics and severely damaged in World War. As in the 1980s the square was overbuilt by a housing estate and the Czechoslovak embassy, the station on was renamed Otto-Grotewohl-Straße, the name of the Wilhelmstraße at that time, after the politician Otto Grotewohl. With the demolition of the New Reich Chancellery and the emergency exit and the adjacent single tower for the supply of fresh air in the garden of the Reich Chancellery were eliminated, the resulting exposed underground complex was covered with a layer of soil. Directly opposite the staircase was the main entrance to the Vorbunker. The subsoil was rebuilt with multi-storey flat construction in the DDR era. The rooms and passages that surrounded the shelter also had another function. Recreation of Speer surveying the remains of his work and final battle outside the chancellery in Der Untergang. The pictures below are based on over 800 photographs and documents from public and private archives in Berlin displaying a perfectly accurate rendering of much of the architecture, along with some interiors, of the Third Reich. On the right is the western outer wall of the bunker recognisable on which stood the western pillars of the reception hall. July 9, 1941 and July 12, 1946.

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The latter photo shown re-enacted to form the basis of promotional poster for Der Untergang. The position of the plant is / marked with an information board at the corner Gertrud Kolmar Street to Ministergärten which were prepared by the Association of Berlin Underworlds shortly before the World Cup on, in order to prevent the creation of myths. The bronze statue of Kurt Christoph Graf von Schwerin at Zietenplatz in front of the Reich Chancellery and today with my students. Each pillar was placed squarely on top of an intersection between two bunker walls. Their bodies were burned with gasoline. Deutschland im Jahre Null have scenes in the ruins of the New Reichskanzlei in which it can be seen that the floor coverings have already been removed in the area of the Marmorgalerie. . Visitors had to give up their weapons. . Mohrenstrasse Underground station, mohrenstrasse underground station with the Reichschancellery in the background during the war and in the summer of 2007, looking towards the opposite direction with an attempt to Photoshop the site with me today and at the turn of the century. In the street corner of the ground floor is now a Chinese restaurant. Beside him stands his personal adjutant Julius Schaub. The red marble inside comes directly from the Mosaics Hall in the Reich Chancellery courtesy of the Red Army.

air lock of this bunker exit. Meticulously overlaying the various plans and studying the corresponding photographs enabled Neubauer to create a digital 3D image of how the bunker would have looked although he "had to guess on the colours." Most previous presentations of Hitler's lair, Neubauer says, seem "frighteningly superficial." The. These columns reached 50 cm downward through the air cushion beneath the reception hall floor, resting directly on the bunker ceiling. In the film "Downfall the Führer and his henchmen are seen to be living in a dank, dark cavern with concrete walls, water seeping through the floors and surrounded by poor lighting, an image widely believed "not because it is true, but because that. Left: The Exit Of The Vorbunker: The exit of the Vorbunker was located opposite the elevator. Now, after the destruction caused by the Anglo-American air-raids, the cannon shots of the Russians and the subsequent demolition and removal of the rest during the immediate post-war years, only the marble used for restructuring the subway station "Mohrenstrasse" remain as a witness to pretensions. On, following German reunification, the station was renamed Mohrenstraße. The original station designed by Alfred Grenander opened on on the new branch from Potsdamer Platz to Spittelmarkt. During the first post-war new construction of large plate apartment buildings on the west side of the former Otto-Grotewohl-Straße (today: Wilhelmstrasse) the reinforced concrete ceiling of the bunker were removed in the years 1988/1989 and filled the remaining cavities. Finally, in April was followed by Joseph and Magda Goebbels and their children. To power a generator with diesel drive was available, the operation caused a high noise level in the bunker. Centre: The Engine Room: The technical heart of the Vorbunker. It constantly running pumps abpumpten penetrating groundwater. . Centre: The Staircase To The Basement Of The Reception Hall: East of the winter garden was the staircase, which linked the basement of the reception hall directly to the Fuehrer's Apartment.

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The extra pressure bearing down on these intersections added strength and stability to the squirt technik escort hagen air raid shelter. The last photographs of Hitler alive as he inspects the damage made to the Chancellery. The placement of the pillars was also determined by the layout of the shelter. In the area of the bunker are today a small restaurant and a supermarket, the emergency exit of the bunker in the former garden of the Reich Chancellery is now built over a parking space. These residual plates of marble, together with the few lamp-posts still working not far away, are the only remains of the vision dreamt, projected and realised by Albert Speer and his patron Adolf Hitler. After the conquest of Berlin the Soviet troops captured one of the Reichsadlers, a bronze work of Kurt Schmid-Ehmen from the Reichskanzlei which can be seen today at the Imperial War Museum after the British were given it by the Soviets in 1946. . The ruins of the Reich Chancellery where Hitler's and Eva Braun's bodies were cremated. When East Berlin fell under communist administration after the Second World War, the Wilhelmplatz square as well as the station were renamed on to Thälmannplatz, after the communist leader Ernst Thälmann. Hitler wrote his political and personal Testament here. Right: Reception Hall and Vorbunker / Cut: The air raid shelter and the reception hall were designed to form a static symbiosis. Hitler withdrew squirt technik escort hagen on in the Führerbunker back when the situation in the aboveground Chancellery was dangerous by the Allied air raids. The generator was able to provide power for the bunker even during a power failure. The bunker was self-sufficient, had its own supply of fresh air, which was equipped with filter cartridges against poison gas. Each bunker sections were separated by gas-tight steel doors, based on the inputs SS guards of the escort party leader (FBK) position, visitors examined on weapons. During the foundation work for new buildings on the corner of Vossstraße and Ebertstrasse, the fragments of former window sections or roof cornices were recovered in February 2008. The line was reconnected on 13 November 1993 and simultaneously reconfigured, forming a new U2 line between Vinetastraße in the east and Ruhleben in the west. One of the central symbols of the power of Hitler was the dismantled building complex of the New and Old Reich Chancellery and the Palais Borsig from 1949 to 1953 under orders of the Soviet Control Commission. After 1945 in the DDR, the use of saline marble (a red limestone and a petrographic sense not a genuine marble) was used and it was reported that floor and wall claddings of the New Reich Chancellery were reused for the foyers of the Humboldt. These could be used as escape routes, should it become necessary to evacuate the bunker in an emergency. Roberto Rossellini's 1947 film. Left in the picture shown are the 4 air filters of the bunker filter system. This offered additional protection, as bombs which hit the construction from the side would explode in this space, before reaching the air raid shelter itself. With him his inner staff, his aides, the guide accompanying command and Martin Bormann moved into position. Then married Hitler and Eva Braun and took on the life. Due to the high demolition costs remain bottom plate and exterior walls in the ground. . Right: The Emergency Exit Of The Vorbunker: In the western area of the basement, one can recognise the air cushion of the reception hall above. This exit was only used as an emergency and it remained closed at all times. The garden façade of the reception hall rested on the basement wall to the left. During the air raids on Berlin, the Neue Reichskanzlei was only slightly damaged until the end of the war. Eva Braun drove in February 1945 from Munich to Berlin and moved into the bunker next to Hitler's room two rooms.

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After the Second World War  After the Second World War, the Red Army tried to blow up the bunker, but had no success. The photograph was taken by the same photographer who took the one of Hitler inspecting the Hitlerjugend in the Reichschancellery garden on April 20, 1945. The creator, Christoph Neubauer, used the original architectural plans and compared them with photographs made by the East German secret police, the Stasi, in the 1970s. Only after filtering the air through these filters, it was then possible to distribute the air through the ventilation openings into the rooms of the bunker. 2 The equipment in the bunker was spartan at the request of Hitler, was dispensed with paneling and the like.